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Dividing Fractions

Division of fractions involves using the reciprocal (flipped form) of the second fraction. The reciprocal of a number is such that the product of a number and its reciprocal is 1. To get the reciprocal, simply interchange (flip) the numerator and the denominator. one third becomes three ones, four fifths becomes five fourths, and so on.

After the second fraction has been flipped, the division problem turns into a multiplication problem, and the numerators and denominators are multiplied straight across.


Example 1

Now, let's work through the example below. The questions below will guide you through the process.

Divide and simplify one half divided by two thirds


What will be the reciprocal of two thirds?

The correct answer is: three seconds.

What operation needs done next?

The correct answer is: Multiplication

Multiply one half times three seconds

The correct answer is:three fourths

Can three fourths be simplified?

The correct answer is: No

three fourths cannot be simplified further.




Divide and simplify two fifths divided by three fourths

eight fifteenths

Select the correct answer.